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Develop skills to become successful, dominate your field of choice, become an Influencer, develop financial stability, and strategies to live the luxury lifestyle you always dreamed of.


Life is CHESS not CHECKERS. You don’t have to feel alone or do everything by yourself. ūüôā¬† Join us and get secret strategies that raise your frequency, and allows you to manifest the joyous life experiences that you are meant to live.¬†¬†


Membership has it’s privileges. I know you want a better life. This can happen simply from placing yourself amongst positive people. Improving your relationship with yourself and the way you communicate with others will help you to get everything you want out of life.

  • ¬†BUSINESS: The more you love yourself and own who you are, the more other people are going to love you. the easier you would create everything that you want.
  • LOVE: How you feel about you is going to directly influence how other people feel about you. When you know you‚Äôre fucking amazing and a Goddess, other people are going to treat you as such.
  • In order to create the life you want, you must be able to notice when what you desire starts to move out of your direct view and into your blind spot. After all, if you cannot feel and acknowledge what you desire, you will not manifest it in reality.

A One Year Membership Inside Love & Motivation University will help you learn top marketing secrets, how to implement the law of attraction and how to maintain healthy relationships.

This mastermind is for beginners. You will receive access to a Facebook support group to get your questions answered and be able to read Kissy’s potent VIP blogs that others can’t see.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You want to break generational curses and develop a system to to get what you want
  • You’re starting to see repeating numbers and want to learn more
  • You’ve heard about Law of Attraction & Manifestation and want to harness the power
  • You’re genius and would love a support system to heighten your success faster¬†
  • You want an online business, but you don’t know where to start and don’t have time
  • You’re tired of toxic, broken relationships that go nowhere
  • You want to experience more love, bliss and align with God’s purpose for your life
  • You wish you had better friends who understood you
  • You want a CLEAR strategy or a proven blueprint to be successful
  • You would like to attract more beautiful souls into your life who love you for you
  • You are ready to double your income effortlessly¬†
I HIGHLY recommend Kissy Denise! She is the real deal. My life completely changed since working with her & I am so grateful!
Work with her in whatever capacity you can. It is the best decision you could ever make for yourself! You will see your whole world shift!
Carlene Berg


I stepped away more focused and motivated. She is professional. She knows how to ask the questions that will give you that spark of inspiration and CLARITY! Kissy is fully skilled at what she does. I highly recommend Kissy Denise!!

Sheritta Flowers

Enlightenment Seeker

Kissy helped me gain clarity and double my income within 60 days of joining her tribe. My newfound confidence feels amazing.¬† Work with Kissy, it will change your life far beyond anything you’ve imagined.¬†

Paul Sato



This life group meets once a month for accountability and goal checkups.  The group has weekly trainings, masterclasses, and workbooks to help you achieve massive success and attract healthy, high value relationships. 

Abundance Increase

As you improve your beliefs and master your money mindset, your vibration will increase, causing better people to come into your life and for your income to increase. 

Online Masterclasses

You will get access to complimentary masterclasses and VIP relationships blogs that you can watch at anytime.

Accountability Community

Healing is accomplished in communities. You will have a place where you can let down your mask and fully express yourself and accountability partners who help you accomplish your biggest goals. 

Trust & Confidence

This mastermind is a gift of peace of mind, by raising your confidence and trust that God wants the best for you, and that everything is always working out for your greatest good.  As a result  your entire life will get better.  

Time Management

24/7 Access to university training materials and support to get your questions answered, put Soul Systems in your business and have better time management, so that you have more time to play.


Points, Prizes & Discounts. You will receive rewards towards programs, certificates, random bonuses and access to Kissy’s members only Wine, Dine & Read book club for sexy geniuses.


Two affordable plans.

Kissy’s Divine Clients

Extraordinary things happen when a high vibrational soul is both seen and understood.

Within 30 day of working with Kissy, my heart healed, I manifested the Blueberry Goddess, my relationship with my husband improved, and I smoothly walked into making a million dollars. 

My clients don’t even care about price. They simply want in to work with me.  Work with Kissy, she will SEE you.

Katarzyna Jola Butryn

The Blueberry Goddess

If you are contemplating working with Kissy Denise, I nudge you to take the leap to truly elevate your life. Kissy has been valuable to me in unblocking blocks that I was not consciously aware that existed. As you pay her you experience blessings. Things operate in ease and flow once you understand the techniques that Kissy teaches. I am forever grateful and pleased with the state of my life.  

Joi Yvette

Manifestation Coach

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