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For writers and entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling trying to figure out how to build a 6 Figure business, that you should’ve had built a long time ago. This masterclass is especially meaningful to spiritual coaches,and geniuses who are ready to let go and let God!


This course is for:

Spiritual entrepreneurs who want to make a million dollars in your business, but still haven’t hit $10k+ months CONSISTENTLY yet.  You embarrassed, tired of being pretty and broke, not having anyone to trust, not having a soul to talk to, tired of downloading sh*t that really doesn’t work, and blah, blah, blah.

You’re tired of feeling BLAH about your life, overworked and not BEING tapped in. You feel like a failure, and so does your business. You will continue to feel this way, until you let go and tap in.

I’m not telling you this masterclass is the answer to all of your problems. But I am telling you it’s the answer to your 6 figure business problem. You’re here, get out of your own way and join the Masterclass.  We’ll take your great ideas,help you FOCUS and implement a 6 Figure strategy in the next 30 Days or Less.  

Otherwise you can stay stuck, feeling like you’re running out of time and worried about people think of you. 

This course will help you to:

Speak to your target audience.

Implement High Ticket & Low Ticket Strategies

Get Clarity On WHO You Are & Eliminate Imposter Syndrome

 Believe You Can Create A 6 Figure Business

  Convert your Instagram Into a 6 Figure Sales Funnel

  Feel Happier About Life 


$10K in 30 Days
Your First   $10K  a different way!

“I had a power session with Kissy and just during our chat booking the session, I sold a $1000 package! So I got my investment back before I even spent it. After our session I felt so much hope and motivation to step forward into the next version of me. Kissy is a master coach and I felt very taken care of and supported. I’m so looking forward to the magic that will come!”

Vionna Haven

Manifestation Expert

“I HIGHLY recommend Kissy Denise! She is the real deal. My life completely changed since working with her & I am so grateful!
Work with her in whatever capacity you can. It is the best decision you could ever make for yourself! You will see your whole world shift!”

Carlene Berg

“Kissy has an amazing gift to see the highest potential in others and inspire you to look within to find your greatness! She has been an amazing resource to help me break through my own blocks to see my infinite value!”

Makhosi Nejesser

How will this work?

I’ll Walk You Through The Entire Process From How To Price Your Service To How To Implement a Profitable Strategy.

This 4-week course is simplified to get fast RESULTS.
Immediately after signing up you will receive access to the course and the $10K – 3 Day Challenge Group and later an email with a link to join the challenge that will be held November 14 -16th.
VIP members will be able to ask questions and get extra training.
Any questions, insights, comments and sharing of your wins you will be done in the exclusive Facebook group, where I’ll be personally holding your hand throughout the process.
Watch your BUSINESS  transform along with your CONFIDENCE. ⭐️

$10K IN 30 DAYS

What are you waiting for?

Your Profitable Online Business Starts Now!

Why I can help you

create a profitable online business…

Hi, I’m Kissy Denise. 

The Masterpiece | The Goddess of Love & Motivation

Also known as a Dream Life Manifestation Strategist. I help unique souls heal their mindset and energetic frequency, putting you back into alignment with your highest goals. I help you get clear on your soul goals collapse time and take 10 years off your desired results.  Are you ready for a strategy to manifest your next level in business and relationships?

Through my divine coaching style called the K.I.S.S.Y. Method,  I’ve been able to help thousands of entrepreneurs magically shift into your next level of clarity and prosperity.

I want the same thing for YOU.

Imagine feeling successful, making 6 figures, and acquiring the financial FREEDOM you desire. You’ll be able to stop stressing,  travel the world first class, and enjoy time being in love. 

This masterclass is only for those who are ready to stop talking about it and SEE That Sh*t MANIFEST INTO YOUR LIFE  RIGHT NOW!

No matter where you are at on your journey Kissy will transform your life and business FAST.

Before working with Kissy I was struggling with going back and forth between self-doubt and confidence. I was in constant worry that I wasn’t good enough to pursue a coaching business that was profitable.

After working with Kissy, the doubt and worry were gone. My confidence is higher than I ever could’ve tried to do on my own. I’m so glad I invested with Kissy. She blew me away with her wisdom and guidance. I’ve done so many coaching programs in the past, but I’ve never gotten such a huge shift.
Christine Magnarelli

Kissy Denise is a true Queen 👑💕 💋

During the business coaching she was able to remove my  blocks and transform the way ppl respond to me and my content across social media platforms!
My following grows rapidly and I attract only aligned followers who love my content and message me asking about my services on a daily basis now!
I highly recommend working with Kissy Denise, she’s a great coach, very connected to her intuition and spiritually gifted. On top of that she is helped with strategy and provided a clear plan for social media domination.💕💋

Alex Her

“Wowww!!! I had the best call with Kissy! She helped me remove blockages in order to see MAJOR growth in my business income.and ultimately live the life I desire. . I really appreciate her honesty. She’s also a great listener and understood what I was trying to say even when I couldn’t find the right words. Thank you so much for the motivation to get me back in motion to creating my dream life!! 😊💚 May God continue to bless you girl!! Book with her ASAP she is the TRUTH.”

Quintina Morrow

Narley K.

Mindset Coach

Christine Magnarelli

Weight Loss Manifestation Coach

““When I came to Kissy, I could barely grasp the magic Kissy had prepared for me. She healed my heart, to start with, she healed all these wounds and scars in me that I even forgot I had because it’s been so long… so long since I met someone who could FULLY understand me. Someone who could LOVINGLY SEE ME. Not judge me. Not eye roll at me. And then, one by one, well very quickly to be honest – the miracles started to happen. My business skyrocketed, my financial results doubled within 30 days (very smooth transition to 7-figures business), my relationship improved. My programs started to fill up themselves, clients don’t even use words like “cost” or “price – they just want to know which my program is next they should buy.

If you are a leader, please do yourself a favor and talk to Kissy, she will heal you in the ways you simply cannot imagine right now. You will become such a great and magnetic leader that your own mind will explode! There is something unexplainable and truly magical about Kissy’s energy and mentorship – she will surround you with the deepest love you could ever feel in your heart as a human, she will remind you the deepest truths of your heart. She will SEE you.”

Katarzyna Jola Butryn

10K in 30 Days VIP

What are you waiting for?

Let’s Get This Money!


$10K IN 30 DAYS copy


05-05Immediate Access To $10K in 30 Days Course (The Course)
05-05Access To Live 10K Masterclass Training (Recordings Will Be Removed After 24 Hours – Must Attend Live)
05-05Newfound CONFIDENCE and belief in yourself
05-05Powerful Facebook support group where videos & Live Training will be available
05-05Discover Your Avatar Workbook

VIP Access Pass

$10K in 30 Days VIP


05-05$10K in 30 Days Full Course (Silver) +
05-05 Dream Embodiment Business Workbook
05-05 Invite to Zoom VIP Private Room After/Before Training To Get Extra Help With Your Offer
05-05 Access To Live Training & Replays (Incase you miss the LIVES)
05-05 FREE COURSE – Discover How To Monetize Your Instagram Account And Turn It Into A Sales Machine!


There are no refunds. Only purchase this course if you are serious about your transformation.  Login information, a link to the Facebook group and everything you need to know will be emailed to you after purchase. For any questions about your purchase – email